YDF has been igniting the young minds since last seven years. To empower young people by imparting required skills & exposures and also provide them an opportunities to achieve their fullest potential. To create an environment where young people are involved, valued, respected and listened to. We want them to be agents of positive social change and the torchbearers for a better tomorrow.
Gram Vikas Felloship
Unlimited Odisha :


A Centre for Building Odisha through Social Entrepreneurship. An Initiative of Unltd Odisha in collaboration with Gram Vikas and YDF. In the states like Odisha, it is very important to create an ecosystem which provides favourable socio economic determinants that harbour social entrepreneurship ventures in Odisha. A centre dedicated to inspire young people having entrepreneurial mindset who have started off in their journey to make it really big and sustainable is the need of the hour where they are mentored by social entrepreneurs from various sectors to harness their talents and provide them the platform to kick start their initiatives.

As per the latest census figures, youth comprises more than 50 percent of the population of Odisha. With such a great number of youth, Odisha has the potential to harness their talents to develop effective leadership in various sectors to lead the change process in a big way in the state. Such a vast talent pool of the state is numbed down by the lack of entrepreneurial spirit and without proper guidance. Different government schemes for promotion of entrepreneurship are in place to address this problem of the youth, but lack of sufficient exposure about the possibilities and having a firsthand exposure to available models of excellence is the key to development of the state.


Odisha Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Youth Development is an effort to set up a Resource and Innovation Centre that looks into the socio political determinants of setting up social entrepreneurship ventures in states of Odisha, which are in the red corridor and struggling to find a solution on access to basic minimum requirements for survival for majority of its population.

The Centre will take its sustenance from various enterprise and resource organisations working on entrepreneurship who share the common objective to create entrepreneurship opportunities for young people primarily in the backward states like Odisha and is an autonomous institution led by thoughtful young social entrepreneurs who identify with the cause and are enthused about doing something together.

We never claim ourselves to be experts; we harbour a learning attitude, keep our senses wide open to respond to the criticalities of situations and realities around us, never judge or avoid playing our role as the change agent. If at all we can claim to have started our journey towards perfection, which is our understanding on holistic community development led by young people primarily as they have to be responsible for the future ahead.


Creation of an ecosystem where innovations in social entrepreneurship thrive and led by young people.


  To empower youth with opportunities.
  To enlighten them with power of ideas.
  To provide exposure to young people on models of social entrepreneurship.
  To design curriculum, modules for students in schools and colleges on entrepreneurship.

Major Components of the Proposed Centre

There are four major components of this Centre. These are—

i. Make me an Entrepreneur (A process to identify, nurture and engage young development workers in rural development especially in water, sanitation and governance activities)

ii. Seminar and Workshop on Entrepreneurship Led Development – Seminars and workshops will be organised during and after the yatra in various academic institutions like colleges, universities, development institutions and local government level to identify the critical areas of concern.

iii. Yatra segment –Visit to various organisations over 11 days- Role model visit, Field experience and exposure.

iv. Entrepreneurship Incubation Centre – Appropriate models developed by enthusiastic and committed young entrepreneurs will be incubated in the centre. The centre will work as a centre for excellence to devise, innovate and implement various development models.

Areas of Exploration

  Water and Sanitation
  Sustainable Rural Energy
  Quality Elementary Education
  Primary Health Care

Our Tools

  Incubation Centres
  Inspirational Yatras
  Investment in entrepreneurial ventures
  Advocacy Initiatives
  Motivational camps


  Mentoring the budding entrepreneurs with a support network which they can use to get new information and access to resource persons as and when required.
  Awareness and sensitization of the young masses about the different Government programmes and schemes and different nongovernmental/private initiatives on social entrepreneurship.