YDF has been igniting the young minds since last seven years. To empower young people by imparting required skills & exposures and also provide them an opportunities to achieve their fullest potential. To create an environment where young people are involved, valued, respected and listened to. We want them to be agents of positive social change and the torchbearers for a better tomorrow.

Project Ulgulan aims at creating more sustainable ecological practice which is led by community, more specifically young people. As sustainability is a major issue with the young people as the critical stakeholder, the program

Meaning of Ulgulan

A revolution for justice and independence led by Birsa Munda who was in his twenties in India towards the end of 19th century is a prominent rebellion in the subcontinent. The word “Ulgulan” meaning 'Great Tumult', sought to establish the right of the indigenous people over their resources which were being snatched away from them by landlords and money lenders and colonial rulers during the pre independence time. As we are working with the indigenous people, Ulgulan is the spirit with which we have envisaged the Youth for Environment Club program to empower the youth to lead the change in the Similipal Tiger Reserve areas.


1. Participation of Young Delegates/ Program staff in national and international seminars, workshops and meetings on wildlife and biodiversity thematic programs.
2. Ulgulan (Tribal Youth Camp) of 5 days duration to celebrate diversity, sensitisation of young people through sports and cultural program.
3. Setting up of 10 Ecological Resource Centres / Ulgulan Clubs in 10 villages catering to minimum 5 villages each.
4. School level competition to promote eco friendly practices.
5. Similipal Yuva Yatra consisting of 50 young people to sensitise on biodiversity in other parts of Odisha.
6. Maintenance of biodiversity register in every villages.
7. Stipend to 10 select Young Crusader for sustainable habitat development program
8. Photography/ painting Competition on Simlipal Tiger Reserve involving leading photographers/ painters.
9. Screening of movies on eco friendly practices and the ideals of Birsa Munda in every villages
10. Documentary on Ulgulan – Youth 4 Environment documenting STR initiatives and Birsa Story.

Youth environment initiative

In commemoration of the World Environment Day 2014 , YDF had conducted an awareness programme in Baripada, Mayurbhanj.

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