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New Life : Drug De addiction and Research Centre

New Life Drug De-addiction and Research Centre: Restoring Lives, Healing Addiction

Drug addiction is a state of periodic or chronic intoxication produced by the repeated consumption of a drug (natural or synthetic). It is a primary, chronic, neurobiological disease, characterized by behaviors including impaired control over drug use, compulsive use and continued use despite its ill effects on health, employability, family and social acceptability of the drug user. Increasing number of drug users are reported all over the country. Odisha is not an exception. Early intervention in the drug using life of users is seen as an important component of reducing risk-behaviour, effective treatment and mainstreaming.

Many of the drug users after chronic addiction loosed their employability, friends, family and social acceptability. Some of the drug users have been to jails, hospitals and also are in the girth of death. As if there is no hope for the drug users. But some of the determined drug users are committed for a cause and kicking of the drug and working for their groups.

The alarming trend of adolescents getting addicted to drugs, including sniffing petroleum products, cigarettes, alcohol and even smack, across all economic strata in the city was not unknown. In Capital city of Odisha especially in and around old town many people between age group of 14 to 45 are putting their steps into the loop of addiction by various means. Realizing the need some likeminded recovered drug addicts came forward to help other addicts out of addiction. It is in October 2011 the group promoted by Youth Development Foundation (YDF) with the leadership of Mr. Trilochan Maharana decided to establish New Life Drug De-addiction and Research Centre to extend institutional support to the drug users.

New Life promoters feel that as a first step addicted people need to come back to mainstream which reduce the physical and social damage of addicted people due to drug addiction and enable them to earn their livelihood on their own -free of drugs. As of now more than 50 drug users' imparted vocational training through New Life.

Our Vision:

A society free from addiction and miseries.

Our Mission:

To create an enabling environment to protect, promote and fulfill peoplesí need leading to drug free society.

New Life DDRC undertakes

  Awareness & Preventive education
  Counselling & Group therapy
  Treatment & detoxification
  Follow up care and services
  Vocational training support
  De-addiction camps
  Community based rehabilitation
  Prevention of HIV/AIDS
  Soft skill training and personality development

In order to enable addicts to achieve total abstinence and improve the quality of life the New Life DDRC has established a 50 bedded rehabilitation centre at Budhi Bagicha, in Khurda and 30 bedded Centre at Balsore.

Services at New Life:

  Alcohol detoxification
  Alcohol de-addiction
  Alcohol counseling
  Drug detoxification
  Drug de-addiction
  Smoking cessation programme
  De addiction for Gutkha, Khaini, Zarda and Other tobacco products

Stages of Treatment

New life DDRC follows certain stages for ensuring complete recovery.

First Stage-Treatment of the Withdrawal Symptoms:

When a drug user stops drinking, his body craves for the drink and he will have sweating, shaking and lack of sleep, irritation and restlessness. There are certain drugs which can help him to cope with these withdrawal symptoms. We take care of such cases under supervision of a Doctor and direct observation.

Second Stage- Maintenance Treatment:

When a drug user stops drinking, his body craves for the drink and he will have sweating, shaking and lack of sleep, irritation and restlessness. There are certain drugs which can help him to cope with these withdrawal symptoms. We take care of such cases under supervision of a Doctor and direct observation.

Third Stage- Relapse Prevention:

Drug users have to try several times before they succeed. Relapses are common with any habit. Certain techniques are helpful in avoiding a relapse. The alcoholic inculcates these methods and techniques to stay away from the first drink. They could understand that it is the first drink that does the damage.

Facilities Available:

  Furnished spacious rooms
  Attached bathrooms with hot water
  Kitchen & healthy food
  Indoor games, TV.
  Expert medical / Psychiatrist back-up
  Daily Evening NA Group and AA Meeting
  Family counseling

Our uniqueness

While undertaking the activities as per the well acclaimed methods we maintain our uniqueness by doing thing differently and efficiently.

Managed by Recovering addicts

One addict helping another therapy was the core of our treatment process. The degradation of physical, mental and spiritual and morals of an addict is well managed by our recovering addicts through different modules and therapy. Recovering addicts are using their past life as a mirror wherever possible. They entertain each and every new victim with empathy not by sympathy.

Psychosis disease rehabilitation programme

In most psychosis disease cases medication and caring was a major headache for families. In most cases patients and parents discontinue the psychiatric treatment without proper medical checkup. In these cases the patient relapses again and faces the same disease with multiple effects. New Life takes care of above mentioned problem with love compassion and dedication.

We undertake regular pathological tests

  Routine Heamogram- Hb, TLC, DLC, ESR, Platelets
  Liver function tests i.e. Serum Bilirubin, AST, ALT, Serum Alkaline Phosphatase
  Routine biochemistry: Blood Sugar, Blood Urea, Serum Creatinine, Routine Urine chemistry

  HIV screening: through linkages with ICTC
  Chest X ray, ECG, Ultrasound abdomen, Urine screening for drugs (in limited cases as per need)

After care and Day care programme for Recovering addicts

As we know after treatment follow up support is vital to cope with families, society for the recovering addicts. We are conducting aftercare programme for those who are unable to cope with the situation. They are free to share and taking some responsibility at the centre. Then they feel that how to handle pressure situations like anger, frustration, desperation, low self esteem and different negative qualities. Recovery is a process where we can provide space to make them free from their addiction. Social mainstreaming is the major focus our treatment process.

Livelihood Training

Addiction destroys everything of their lives like job, business, and skills. After getting treatment their major concern is to restoring livelihood. We also arrange for providing training at different places through networking with institutions that can provide job oriented training and placement support.

Input Sessions

Input sessions are lectures delivered by experts. At New Life we call it meditation. Each input session is followed by a question-answer session.

Topics covered in input sessions

  HIV/AIDS: Information about what is HIV, how it is transmitted, risk factors etc. is given in a comprehensive way.
  Substance abuse: Information about various drugs abused and their effects is given.
  Medical complications: Medical officer explains effects of drugs and alcohol on various organs and systems.
  Psychiatric complications: Substance abuse is closely related with psychiatric problems. Various issues involved are explained in detail.
  Sexual problems and addiction: This is one of the most important subjects delicately explained by our psychiatrist.
  Serenity prayer: We believe that serenity prayer is the most effective tool in the recovery process. The prayer is explained by illustrating various life experiences.
  Mental health: Criteria for mental health is explained. Friends are then helped to check the areas needing improvement to restore mental health.
  Physical health and fitness: Qualified trainer explains nurturing physical health.
  First four steps of AA: Four separate sessions are organized to explain first four steps. Powerlessness over addiction, unmanageability of life, higher power, and self-inventory are explained in detail.
   Meditation and awareness: Information about Vipassana is provided. Also types of awareness are explained.
  Hobbies and creativity: Inmates are given the opportunity of using creative instances for happy and healthy living.
  Happiness and satisfaction: We endorse the view that happiness is the path, not a destination. The difference between point satisfaction and process satisfaction is explained.
  Anger control: Anger is a very common problem with addicts. Various tools of expressing and ventilating anger are explained.

Our Innovations : Group Therapy

This is a very important part of the New Life Therapeutic Model. The groups are formed on the basis of date of admission. All friends admitted on first week are considered as first week friends. On completion of a week on subsequent week they graduate to the second week. Likewise at any given moment we have five groups.

We have experienced that this pattern of group formation is the crux of recovery process. During first week our friends are just recovering from withdrawals. Many of them feel homesick. Some of them are in denial. Some of them find it difficult to cope up with the fact of being admitted to a center. So the first week group is more or less experiencing discomfort. Even if the group may include friends from varying financial, educational or intellectual background, they are emotionally at one level, and hence relate to each other. We feel that this emotional cohesiveness works well in the process of recovery.

Involving recovered addicts in helping the people in distress

During the heavy flood after super cyclone in October 2014 there was a heavy damage caused to people of Ganjam, Balasore and other districts of Odisha. With the support of Goonj, New Delhi and Gram Vikash our recovered addicts worked untiringly as volunteers distributing relief materials to more than 25000 households in Balasore district. It has regained their confidence that they have an important role to play in the society where they live.

Other programmes

We undertook cloth for work programme for restoration of road connectivity and awareness programme on drug de-addiction in the community.


We do admissions on every day. In case seat is not vacant for admission we keep them in waiting and inform them as and when vacancy arises.


As per affordability of the patient .

Main Branch (Treatment Centre)

New Life Drug Deaddiction & Research Centre
Infront of womens college, budhi bagicha, khurda, Odisha
Ph No-06755-220299
Mail to Trilochan Maharana : add2prasant@gmail.com

Branch Office (Treatment Centre)

New Life Drug Deaddiction & Research Centre
Ranipatana, Near Blind School, Balasore, Odisha
Ph No-06782-240909