Providing Affordable Drinking Water (Terafill Water Filter) , Solar Lighting and Smokeless Cook stoves to the Masses

What does a rural household need? The drudgery of cooking with firewood with smoke choking their nose and respiratory system, problems of safe drinking water, unavailability of sustainable and green lighting solution and storage of hot cooked food to be served hot – All of these things in just Rs. 1500/-. If statistics say that even a Rickshaw wala can buy a mobile, why not reverse the priority of providing these extremely essential utilities in the same price with easy installment model. Mission One Million (Swabalamban) is an initiative to reach one million households in Odisha by 2017. We believe once we reach one million families, it will create a favourable ecosystem for providing affordable energy solutions


1. What social problem you are addressing with your enterprise/idea?
Rural Energy is a great concern and opportunity for any social enterprise to thrive. It is such an equalizer necessity that impacts poor and middle class equally. What does a rural household need? The drudgery of cooking with firewood with smoke choking their nose and respiratory system, unavailability of sustainable and green lighting solution, problems of safe drinking water, and storage of hot cooked food to be served hot.
2. How will your enterprise/idea solve or mitigate this social problem?
All of these above things will be made available in just Rs. 1500/-. If census says more than 50% of the country’s population can afford at least a mobile of Rs 1500/- which does not have subsidy, installment and often requires recurring expenditure, why not they buy the a solar light, gasifier stove, Terafill water filter and haybox in Rs. 1500- Rs 2000 price range. Why can’t the bank finance a poor household in easy installments as it impacts her livelihood - her existence.
3. Who is your customer?
Both Poor, middle class and rich will get these products. For Poor – Only source, For Middle class- reduce energy consumption, for elite- Environment friendly.
4. What is the product(s) or service(s) you are offering?
A combination of a solar light, gasifier stove, Terafill water filter and haybox.
5. Who is behind the social initiative —key management, advisors and other stakeholders?
Key Persons - Gobinda Ballava, Nayan Ranjan & Jay Narayan
Key Management- Gobinda & Ms Swosti Mishra
Advisors- Prof. Radhamohan, Mr Suresh Bisoyi, Mr Sibasish Mishra, Ms Sabarmati.
Stakeholders- Banking Institutions, Manufacturers, Rural Clients.
6. What is your advantage over others doing something similar?
Village/cluster based manufacturing/distribution /repair and maintenance mechanism to reduce recurring expenditures and accessibility of products and services at the doorsteps.
7. How will your enterprise/idea be sustainable?
As there is huge demand of such products/services and at the same time, the purchasing power is also there for such utility products, the enterprise will be sustainable enough.
8. What do you need (from the potential investor) to start or grow your enterprise/ idea?
Belief in the model, investment in Research and Development of the enterprise and partner/shareholder in the enterprise for its larger impact.
9. Why will you succeed?
We have a dedicated team of field workers, colleagues who understand the requirements for a for profit social enterprise and above all, the issue is so pervasive and impending that the enterprise is futuristic and sustainable.

What it will address

It will address the climate change issues considerably with increased life expectancy and life chances. Swabalamban will work in a mission mode as a for profit social enterprise mostly led by young people.


1. Targeting 5 lakh households in every year come down to close to 40,000/- households every month. We will collaborate with for profit social enterprises, CSR groups, different youth clubs and civil society organisations to achieve this target.
2. Organisations having specialisation in manufacturing these huge quantity of materials will be encouraged to start their manufacturing units in different parts of the state and outside.
3. Government agencies will be encouraged to partner in this mission.

Pilot Project- -

The pilot project will be taken up in Northern Odisha to start with and later on will be scaled up in the country with strategic partnership.

Ballasore helpline

Costing of the Kit (In Rs. 1500/-)

1. Sollar light
2. Smokeless Chullah
3. Tera fill Water Filter
4. Hay Box (Low cost Hot Case)
5. Service Charge

Team and Management

YDF has been working on rural development issues for the last 5 years with a big network of youth organisations across the state. In the recent past, Odisha Yuva Jagaran Yatra- Developing Odisha through Entrepreneurship was conducted by the organisation which gave rise to a new centre- YDF Centre for Social Entrepreneurship. The organisation has got a very good young team passionate about seeing some visible changes in their life time.