Mayurbhanj Helpline is a platform to connect people, institutions, organisations and places to support each other in a highly globalised society. A group of committed young people from all walks of life have come together to pull in their efforts to develop a portal to promote shared knowledge, skill and responsibilities to make Odisha one of the most sought after tourism destination of the world.

YDF in association with select CSR groups and Concerned Citizens of Mayurbhanj have taken the Campaign Clean ....Green Mayurbhanj ....Safe Mayurbhanj ....Healthy Mayurbhanj A Campaign to create Sustainable Cities with people’s participation Be it Health, Education, Livelihood, Social Security, Access to basic services, Road Safety, Drugs Free Zone, social cohesion, affordable stay and Many More...... Please join us in voicing out your concern....
Be the part of the solution....

The Details



An Enabling Platform
Essential Service Management
A Space for Shared Wisdom
A medium for Civic Engagement
Centre for Youth Entrepreneurship
Service Directory
Philanthropy Unlimited
The idea is to facilitate civic engagement and a platform for shared knowledge, action and reflection .

Different Aspects in the portal

Researchers’ Corner
Academicians’ Corner
Archaeologists’ Corner
Historians’ Corner
Artists’ Corner
Students’ Corner
Eco-tourists’ Corner
Bankers’ Corner
Entrepreneurs’ Corner
Litterateurs’ Corner
Social Workers’ Corner

For Institutions/ Corporates/Civil Society Bodies

Adopt the Bus Stop
Adopt a Ward
Adopt a Slum
Adopt a School
Adopt a Hospital
Adopt a Park
Adopt a Student
Adopt a Market

Know Your Ward

Ward Councillor-
Contact No.-
Geographical Area
Service providers
Renowned Citizens
Famous Tea Stall
Famous Hotel

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